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Technological Solutions

Founze helps organisations, through cutting edge technologies, to improve their systems and processes, drive employee and customer satisfaction, and increase their profitability.

As well as introducing new technologies, Founze makes organisations aware of disruptive technologies and their potential impact; through workshops and consultancy, Founze helps those organisations prepare to disrupt, rather than be disrupted.

Smart Code

Smart Code is the self-contained action code, digital platform and ecosystem that joins all the dots – connecting everything to anything.

Smart Code is a software-only solution that delivers the Internet of EVERYTHING.

Smart Code – the secure, Smart Platform delivering solutions for all your needs.

Training | Workshops

As well as providing training on the technologies we provide, we also carry out workshops and training on technology and technological implementation according to each client’s requirements. We are particularly expert in the field of 3D printing and have worked with companies, universities, colleges, schools and individuals.