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You can now buy air purification products which also destroy the coronavirus. Keep your family safe.

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Most people have some concerns about the impact of air pollution on themselves and their families, and in particular on the lungs of their children. And added to this, people now have to contend with the new global health threat, the spread of coronavirus. 

Air pollution is a real problem and it is happening around us now, so we all need to act fast as ‘Polluted Air Kills’ – it is what killed Ella, a 9 year old girl whose fatal asthma attack in 2013 has been linked to air pollution as she walked to/from School. (see http://ellaroberta.org/ella-roberta-family-foundation/).

Air pollution affects everyone, but it is especially dangerous for young children as their lungs/organs have not fully developed, and particularly affects children with asthma and those with a weak immune system.

Our technology not only cleans the air but it kills viruses, bacteria and nano-particulates, (the particles which pass from our lungs into the bloodstream, which do the most damage causing many long term illnesses).

Research shows that air pollution in schools has serious detrimental effects:

  • Children and teachers spread illness/viruses.
  • Absenteeism is high, especially at the start of each term.
  • Air pollution reduces children’s ability to focus and concentrate.
  • Poorer exam results.

Outcome by using our Technologies:

  • Clean air will improve pupils’ ability to concentrate better in the classroom with higher exam results.
  • Clean air will improve attendance, will reduce illness-related absenteeism.
  • Improving Ofsted results overall (both exam results and attendance)
  • Cleaner air will help children’s health on a daily basis, and will help them live healthier and longer lives.
  • Our uHoo air pollution monitoring equipment. This air sensor can be moved from area to area to provide information on the air quality in different rooms and spaces across the school. See www.founze.com/uhoo-lets-get-started/. Not only do we provide you with the equipment, but we offer an ongoing monitoring service, where we feed back information and statistics about your air quality on nine different characteristics including all the common air pollutants. Apart from the information on the air your breathe, it can also inform you where to install air purifiers in the school. These are shown below, and all offer the same functionality; the only difference is the size of space each unit can effectively clean. See www.founze.com/the-technology-inside-hextio.
  • The VK Blue is a wall mounted unit which is ideal for spaces, which includes most classrooms, of up to 66m². This unit is wall-mounted, and therefore takes up no floor space.
  • The VK 103 is floor standing, but can clean the air in a much larger area, up to 100m², such as school reception and entrance areas, school halls, dining rooms and sports halls (dependent on room size).

We also have technology for large scale air purification for indoor and outdoor, pumping out clean air from 2000³m/hour to 12000³m, ideal for public buildings or anywhere where large numbers of people gather.

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