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Founze is at the cutting edge of technology.  It works with highly innovative companies, and brings their technology to market, in the UK and around the world.

Our area of key technologies is in the fields of air pollution, domestic and commercial pollution. 

Another is a new Smart Code, designed to turn dumb barcodes into smart codes, and offering a secure alternative to QR Codes.




Our work consists of four areas of activity.

In the environmental technologies area we bring to market new technolgoies which will make significant improvements to people’s health, well being and enjoyment of life.

  • Air quality sensors
  • Outdoor air purifiers
  • Indoor air cleaninging
  • Probiotic cleaning and spraying

Codes like barcodes and QR codes are an important part of retailing, logistics and marketing.  Our new smart codes make barcodes smart, and offer a secure alternative to QR codes.

Consultancy  – having heard us tell you about the likely impact of future technological change, and you want to explore this further with us in the specific context of your business, talk to us.  We’d be happy to help you plan for your successful future.





Martin Stevens

Martin Stevens


Trupti Patel

Trupti Patel

Creative Director