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We are an indoor generation and we have sealed up our buildings to be energy efficient, without realising that our indoor environment and what we put in it has a direct result on our health. Large corporations have been promoting ‘chemicals for cleanliness’ for far too long and this has contributed to ever increasing respiratory problems in humans and animals. Probiotics are nature’s cleaners; not only do they clean better and last longer, they actually boost our immune systems and are 100% organic.  Our products are not only environmentally friendly, they are beneficial to both humans and nature!

What are probiotic cleaning products?

They are cleaning product that contains live micro-organisms, beneficial bacteria called probiotics.

Why do probiotic cleaners do a better job than chemicals?

Probiotics are alive. Once you spray them on a surface, they begin eating away dust, allergens and organic matter that create nasty odours and which provide food for harmful bacteria. They do this for up to 72 hours compared to chemicals which are only active while wet (around 10 seconds).

Are these products anti-bacterial?

No, they are pro-bacteria, made from bacteria that are found in our bodies. Organisms we can’t survive without.

However, these beneficial bacteria will compete with harmful bacteria (pathogens), eating all their food and causing pathogens to die of starvation.

Harsh chemical cleaners that boast a 99.99% kill rate still leave 0.01% of resistant bacteria on your surfaces. These pathogens will have no competition on the recently “cleaned” surface, doubling their number every 21 minutes. In 24 hours that means trillions of resistant bacteria. Nothing survives starvation, so cleaning with probiotics can achieve a total reduction in harmful bacteria (including the superbugs that can’t be killed with harsh chemicals or antibiotics).

We Fight Chemicals  |   We Fight Plastic Waste   |   We Fight Allergies & Asthma

Chemicals are toxic to all life on the planet and to the planet itself. The use of chemicals indoors leads to dead zones and is a major cause of indoor air pollution, affecting the health of occupying people and pets. We now present the case that probiotic cleaners clean better, last longer, actively improve health, neutralise odours and repel allergens.

Hard Floor Cleaner

Replace toxic chemical cleaning products with a probiotic cleaner that enhances hygiene and lasts much longer. The hard floor cleaner releases a community of workers that literally eat organic matter. Our probiotics out-compete the bad bacteria, creating a healthy environment in your home.  500 ml bottle

Our floors are the perfect environments for bad bacteria to fester. Many particles that flow in the air and drift into our homes through windows and doors fall on floors, as does the dirt we tread in from outside on our shoes. Our floors are the largest surfaces at home and cleaning them with bleach is dangerous to you and the inhabitants of your home. Bleach is a chemical cleaner and gives off chemicals which become airborne and end up in our lungs. This affects our respiratory systems and is bad for health. Make the #EcoSwitch and restore nature back into the home.

Multi Surface Cleaner

Replace harmful chemical cleaners with our range of probiotic cleaners. Most standard cleaners emit toxic chemicals which pollute the air and your lungs. Make the #EcoSwitch and replace your old cleaner with our probiotic cleaner: bursting with goodness.  This is the cleaner to use for surfaces and in the kitchen.  500 ml bottle

Ingredients: beneficial microbes (lactobacilli, yeasts and photosynthetic cultures), active enzymes, organic malt, purified water, organic essential oils, citric acid, limonene, <5% alcohol

Air and Fabric Freshener

 0% Fragrance. Spray our Air and Fabric Freshener to liven up any room by restoring a healthy, bio-live community of micro-organisms in your home. The cultures eliminate odours and eat away allergens. Add essential oils to the bottle to create a vibrant scent.  This is the cleaner to spray on all fabrics, furnishings and on beds and curtains.  300 ml bottle

The Air and Fabric Freshener is ideal for neutralising smells and destroying bad bacteria which lurk on your furniture and linger in the air. This product promotes a healthy culture of bacteria in your home and helps to combat indoor pollution when harsh chemical products are swapped for our natural alternatives. Make the #EcoSwitch.

Ingredients: Our microbes are hand brewed and fermented with lactobacilli, photosynthetic bacteria, yeasts and organic malt. 

Air and Fabric Freshener for Pets

The one downside of keeping our furry friends is the smell that often lingers in the air. General air fresheners only succeed in masking odours whereas this pet-friendly spray eliminates odours, neutralizing smells and keeps your pets healthy.  300 ml bottle

Ingredients: Our microbes are hand brewed and fermented with lactobacilli, photosynthetic bacteria, yeasts and organic malt.

What are environmental probiotics anyway?

Probiotics are natural organisms that are also referred to as “good bacteria” or “helpful bacteria”. They are a vital component in nature and in our immune systems. They are nature’s recyclers, breaking down matter into its basic biological structure.

Why would I want bacteria in my home?

This is actually not our choice. A person can shed 35 million bacteria just by walking into a room.  When we hear the word “bacteria”, we think of harmful bacteria. When in fact, without bacteria, we could not possibly survive. WE ARE PROBIOTIC brings the natural balance back into your home, by rebuilding the micro-biome found in nature.

Probiotic Cleaning – Cleaner Living

Organic | Natural | Safe | Improve Indoor Environments | Increase Hygiene | Positive PR | Save Time | Save Money | Reduce Number of Cleaning Products | Reduce Carbon Footprint | Reduce Plastic Waste

Benefits of using environmental probiotics

Improve indoor air quality

Beneficial bacteria feed on air pollutants such as pollen, mould, pet dander and dust mite waste. They also help our respiratory system.

Boost immune systems

Probiotics are the good bacteria that we need to be exposed to for healthy immune systems. Bring them indoors!

Better, longer lasting cleaning

Probiotics clean better than chemicals and carry on cleaning for days. Release the power of billions of hungry probiotics!

Love our planet

Replace TOXIC chemicals with organic probiotics that actively enhance nature instead of damaging it.

Probiotics vs. Chemicals

Chemical cleaners are corrosive to surfaces and toxic to inhabitants. Probiotic cleaners are proven to clean better than chemicals, last longer, are organic and help to build immune systems.

Neutralise odours

Most households and businesses use fragrances in an attempt to mask odours. Environmental probiotics attack the source of odours, actively neutralising them. For fragrance, simply add some essential oil to the probiotic blend.

Pet Probiotics

We love our pets but most people don’t love the odours and allergies that come from having them. Pet probiotics feed on organic matter such as pet dander and actively neutralise pet odours.  Pet probiotics also expose our pets to beneficial microbes, enhancing their health.

Enhanced Hygiene

Using probiotic cleaners will create a long lasting, healthy micro-flora of beneficial microbes on surfaces and objects. Beneficial microbes outcompete pathogens by means of overcrowding and actively deal with the lower layers of biofilm and dry biofilm, enhancing hygiene in indoor environments.


We have sealed up building for energy efficiency, and ventilation systems are recirculating all kinds of air pollutants. HVAC probiotics restore natural balance to the air being circulated and coat ducting with beneficial bacteria that actively feed on organic matter that would otherwise be breathed in.

Infection Control

Studies have shown that using probiotic cleaners instead of chemicals can cut healthcare associated infections by up to 50%.

Asthma and Allergies

Probiotics feed on allergy and asthma triggers such as pollen, dander and dust mite waste whilst building immune systems by exposure to the right kinds of bacteria. Probiotics also greatly reduce the presence of indoor pathogens which are responsible for many asthma irritations. HIGHLY recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers!

Probiotic Cleaning – Cleaner Living

100% Organic

Hand brewed in our probiotic farm. Only natural ingredients.

Modern branding

Our “WE ARE PROBIOTIC” brand is a badge that companies can use to advertise changing to Earth-beneficial cleaning products.

Active, live ingredients

Live Probiotics keep cleaning for days, making them the most active cleaning ingredient.

Best test results

Independent test results place probiotics well above chemicals in terms of cleaning efficiency.

Just add water

The best way to reduce the carbon footprint and plastic waste is to stop shipping water! We provide our product in sachets. Just add water.

Competitive pricing

We hand brew the probiotics locally, saving on manufacturing and shipping costs. Thus, we are able to offer them at the same price, or even cheaper, than chemical cleaners.

First steps to healthier indoor environments

Get rid of chemicals

We often believe that the chemical smell that lingers after cleaning is the result of us creating a healthier environment; the truth is that we have filled our environment with toxic gases. For a healthy environment we must get rid of chemicals, even the ones with green credentials.

Harness the Power of Nature

Use organic probiotic cleaners for your air, surfaces and fabrics and let the beneficial bacteria feed on allergy-causing organic matter such as pollen, pet dander and mould, neutralise odour, enhance hygiene and boost immune systems.

Healthier & Happier

90% of our time is spent indoors; be healthier by bringing the healing power of nature into your environment. Be happier knowing that you are making a positive contribution to yourself, your family, your colleagues and pets, as well as to the planet.


Beneficial bacteria actively feed on allergens such as pollen, dust mite waste, pet dander and mould.

#ecoSwitchWhy pay for toxic chemicalswith or without “green” labels, when probiotic-based products have now become cost-effective?

They clean better, deeper, last longer and are beneficial to both your health and to the planet. Help us remove chemicals from homes by using natural products, reduce plastic waste by re-filling bottles, and fight allergies and asthma by restoring the natural balance.

Wear gloves, avoid contact to skin & eyes,
don’t drink, serious health hazard
Ingredients: dangerous chemistry & some plants
Bad for humans, animals and the planet
Active while wet (approx. 20secs)
Negatively impacts air quality
Pretty cost-effective

Wear whatever you want, be awesome
Don’t drink too much, it’s not that tasty
Ingredients: helpful biology with beneficial bacteria
Beneficial for humans, animals and the planet
Positively impacts air quality
Active for up to 72 hours
Very cost-effective

Probiotic Cleaning – Cleaner Living

Unlike artificial fragrances that try to mask odours with chemicals, or dangerous ozone units in washrooms, probiotics actively neutralise odours and are healthy to inhale.

The new Probiotic Ultrasonic Atomiser releases timed sprays of probiotics infused with a choice of 100% essential oil.
Available in three options:
• Lavender
• Peppermint & Bergamot
• Orange & Lemongrass

How does the atomiser go together with my air purifier?

The products work well with any air purifier. Spray the air and freshener spray near the exhaust of your air purifier and the exhaust air will carry the probiotics to all areas of the room. Some of the probiotics may be sucked back into your air purifier and land on the filter; this is a good thing as it will stop the bad bacteria, mould and fungi from growing, and creating sick filter syndrome.