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Large Scale Air Purification

We offer air cleansing systems, designed for use in large indoor spaces (shopping malls, hotels, schools, health clubs, hospitals etc) and equally in open areas, such as on the streets, playgrounds, arenas, sports grounds and so on.  

Probiotic Cleaning

We Fight Chemicals  |   We Fight Plastic Waste   |   We Fight Allergies & Asthma

Chemicals are toxic to all life on the planet and to the planet itself. The use of chemicals indoors leads to dead zones and is a major cause of indoor air pollution, affecting the health of occupying people and pets. We now present the case that probiotic cleaners clean better, last longer, actively improve health, neutralise odours and repel allergens.


Training | Workshops

As well as providing training on the technologies we provide, we also carry out workshops and training on technology and technological implementation according to each client’s requirements. We are particularly expert in the field of 3D printing and have worked with companies, universities, colleges, schools and individuals.

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