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Smart Code

The New Revolutionary Action Code

Bridging Technology

Secure Self-Contained Platform

Smart Code is the self-contained action code, digital platform and ecosystem that joins all the dots – connecting everything to anything.

Smart Code is a software-only solution that delivers the Internet of EVERYTHING.

Smart Code – the secure, Smart Platform delivering solutions for all your needs.

What is Smart Code?

Smart Code’s patented technology has been used to develop a multi-facetted platform which enables Smart Code to provide a “software only” technology (no third party hardware apart from a mobile phone required) which will enhance almost any sector.

The base of the system is an action code and we can generate a septillion (a trillion, trillion) unique action codes using the Smart Code platform. Every single one of which can be read by almost any digital device with a camera. Smart Code was designed from the ground up as an adaptable, multi-state, bi-directional, reactive, dynamic, Action Code.

  • It was NOT designed to do a specific function
  • It was designed with an open architecture to allow it to do ANY function

The payload of a Smart Code is unlimited – the vector of a Smart Code is an indirect addressing pointer; it identifies the Digital DNA Data Cluster that is associated with that Smart Code, stored on a secure server network (or the Cloud). The conditional nature of a Smart Code allows the Platform to determine who, when, where, can, can’t interact with that DNA Data Cluster – and if they can, WHAT they can do with it, dependant on conditional access protocols i.e. security.

Barcodes are used mainly for Manufacturers and Retailers to give basic information to enable stock control, logistics and manufacturing information to be attached to a product. However Smart Code has developed a bridge to enable anyone scanning a barcode with the Smart  Code app to retrieve rich data such as videos, photo’s, data other apps back to their device making the simple Barcode intelligent and able for the first time to be of use to the Consumer, to the  Manufacturer and to the Retailer.  Equally it enables the Smart Code owner to push brand information and get marketing reach to the end user of their products.

Smart Codes store NO DATA within the graphic, only a vector (pointer) to a data structure within a closed, SECURE, network. This indirect addressing mode allows the data stored & referenced by Smart Codes to be virtually infinite and every part of the transaction can be encrypted.

Smart Codes can be read by ANY DEVICE with a camera where the Smart Code reader has been downloaded and installed.

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