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Urban Air Purifier

Air pollution



Air pollution affects our health more than we think

Premature births 


Increases the risk of heart disease

Affects brain development


Causes respiratory problems

We have the solution now!


We create clean environments to help you enjoy the air, and to breathe healthily

How it works


UAP is an innovative technology that reduces air pollution by using a patented combination of filters, catalysts, and chemical reactions that together significantly reduce the worst pollutants.

98% filtration and purification of particulate matter (PM10, PM5, PM2.5)

30% filtration and purification of itrogen (NO, N02, NOx), sulphur dioxide (S02) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


We evaluate your requirements to adapt our system to your needs.


We take care of the logistics and installation of the system, worldwide.


All our devices are tracked and monitored to ensure proper and effective maintenance.

UAP Models


You can choose the model that best suits your needs

UAP 2000


UAP 4000

 UAP 8000

UAP 12000

Purification: 870-1750 gr/year

Air flow: 2000 m³/h

Range of the driven air: 25 m

Purification: 1750-3500 gr/year

Air flow: 4000 m3/h

Range of the driven air: 35 m

Purification: 1750-3500 gr/year

Air flow: 8000 m³/h

Range of the driven air: 35 m

Purification: 5250-10500 gr/year

Air flow: 12000 m³/h

Range Of the driven air: 50 m

Everybody wins



The public immediately feels the results:  fewer headaches, easier breathing, less fatigue, etc.

This system helps cities fight pollution and comply with EU guidelines.

The system is designed to be implemented on major, highly used city streets.

Depending on the city’s pollution level, installing a device every 50 to 100 metres is recommended to significantly filter pollution and effectively purify air.








Outdoor pollution-free areas


Indoor pollution-free areas




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