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Viruskiller™ is a range of the world’s highest certified clean air technology for indoor environments. Destroying respiratory viruses on a single air pass and neutralising toxic gases makes the Radic8 Viruskiller range so much more than standard filter air purifiers.


Hextio uses ultimate reflection and refraction within the reactor chamber…

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In Line

The In Line units are designed for integrating into an existing HVAC system. 

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The VK-401 is a the perfect air purifier and steriliser for medium to large rooms.

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VK Medi

The VK Medi range of air purifiers plus sterilisers are the best in the world. Utilising…

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VK 002

The VK 002 is the best high end air purifier on the market, combining a series of…

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The Black Edition

Our industry leading clean air technology just became the most stylish…

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VK 102

The Radic8 VK 102 is the perfect air purifier/steriliser for all large open plan…

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Positive Pressure

A modular and mobile positive pressure system which delivers sterilsed air. This system can also regulate CO2